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Analog+ Pack Patches/programming booklet for Ensoniq ESQ-1  


Please listen to the 3 demos of some of these sounds below. 

Demo 1 is a run through of playing some of the patches manually.  

Demo 2 is a brief sequence using a few of the sounds.

Demo 3 is a very brief composition using some of the rhythmic looping patches thrown into Nuendo and looped.  Subtle timing shifting in the loops here is a result of the different loops having not *exactly* the same tempo.  This is *pre* LFO with MIDI clock remember.  

Everything you hear is coming from the ESQ.  There is no added processing other than a bit of compression.

These patches will work in the ESQ-1 synth, ESQ-M rack module, and SQ-80 synth. Don't own any of these Ensoniq synths but still want to use these sounds? They also work perfectly in Siegfried Kullmann's amazingly accurate VSTi emulation of the SQ-80, the SQ-8L. Download it here for free!.

For a complete listing of patches click here.

$49.99CDN(email delivery)

Here's what some satisfied customers are saying about the Analog+ Pack for ESQ-1:

  "I'm simply stunned.  Some sounds [might has] well have been used on certain J.M. Jarre and earlier TD albums.  [Previously I've always] *had* to beef ESQ sounds up to make them stand out against [my] SY77 and K3m.  If I had to choose *the* sound out of the 80 it'd be SYNCO."
    --Rainer Buchty (of and noted ESQ/SQ enthusiast!)

  "I listened to your ESQ-1 demo patches and am blown away at how good they sound.  Any ESQ programming hints you want to toss my way would also be much appreciated.  Keep up the great programming."
   --Bill Behnke, Chicago Il

  "I think you should sell your ANASTR [analog strings] patch ALONE for $5 or $10 (US), because everyone should have it."
   --Mark Wynkoop, Melbourne Florida

Click on links above for mp3 audio demos and patch listing.

Other products coming soon include:

- patches for Korg Triton, Korg Legacy, and Arturia softsynths.

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