Current Audio Experiment is the online presence of Toronto composer/synthesist Graham Collins.
In addition to serving as composer for Jesus Christ Vampire Hunter and other Canadian independent films over the years, Graham has backed up alt-country princess Kathleen Edwards and former Furnaceface member 'Slo' Tom Stewart. For several years he was Music Director with the Ottawa improv comedy club 'The iNSTiTUTiON', as well as Toronto sketch troupe Radio Vault. He currently is part of the house band for Lunacy Cabaret - a monthly Toronto show that is part vaudeville, burlesque, circus acts, and all mayhem, debauchery, and fun. Other creative outlets have included forays into an experimental fusion of analog audio and live analog video production, primarily via artist residency at the Experimental Television Center in Owego, NY.

Forthcoming projects include an all-analog-synth rock band, a Canadian 'Moog' album featuring classic hits that should satisfy even the most stringent of Cancon junkies entitled "The Electric Beaver", live music for silent film, and a circus-inspired gypsy-music songwriting project. Graham has previously served as an instructor in Synthesis at The Audio Recording Academy and columnist on Synthesis and Electronic Music for the now-defunct Canadian magazine Muzik ETC.
Musical influences include.. oh jeepers just listen to the examples already and figure it out for yourself.. When it comes to film music he's a tad chameleonic and adapts quickly and capably where needed, even though he prefers to break out and have creative control, venturing into territory that surprisingly delights and confounds in a 'why-did-I-never-think-of-that-angle' kind of approach. In his spare time Graham does programming for synths, and Reaktor.
He prefers not talking in the third person like this so much..
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Thanks to Ken Takahashi for Gallery 101 concert photos.